Women are Great Handling Emotion…but

The are Always Happy

They leave their Home, but they are happy.

They taken pain to give birth to baby  and  then They are Happy.

They give up on their personal choices and think of their families first… and

When Husband does something Great… They Are Happy.

When  Son/Daughter Achieves something in   his/her life SHE becomes Happy.

She makes her siblings happy, .she makes In-Laws happy, Husband, happy Kids Happy .. and Nobody Thinks about happiness.

Women are SUPERB at handling Emotions….


All The happy Women Are NOT SO HAPPY WOMEN.

Today , Make the Happy.


Love Them, Respect   them …and Give them what they want….and They Want Is “A Pair of Shoes  for Every Occasion” 🙂 🙂


Compliment Them (When they wear it) ….And Always.

A Very   Happy Women’s Day to all the….(As They Say)… Happy Women…